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ProFTPD vulnerability detected

Recently, a vulnerability was discovered in the ProFTPD software for Linux and Unix-like systems, which allows you to copy any file on an FTP server without write permission. This vulnerability (CVE-2019-12815) affects all versions of ProFTPd up to 1.3.6. It was discovered in the mod_copy module supplied in the default ProFTPd build.

Despite the fact that the module you are looking for is not included in our templates and is not used, we have prepared a way for you to check your server for this vulnerability.

Quick instructions (you should run it on your server in the console under root):

step 1:

proftpd -l | fgrep mod_copy | wc -l

If the execution of this command shows a number greater than 0, perform step 2:

proftpd -v

If running this command shows version > 1.3.4 or < 1.3.6, the vulnerability is present. In order not to endanger the server, you should update or disable mod_copy.


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