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New Ferrum Big tariff

We are pleased to announce that in the near future, for the convenience of many customers, we will introduce a new VDS tariff called Ferrum Big. A distinctive feature of this tariff is a larger disk space with moderate CPU and RAM performance. This tariff will contain 1 CPU, 1 RAM and at least 100 GB SSD, which will provide the most profitable solution for those users who need to work with large amounts of data. This was achieved thanks to a discount on the SSD, in this tariff, 1 GB will cost 5 rubles, instead of 10 rubles for 1 GB on the usual Ferrum tariff.

Statistics have shown that we have quite a few clients using a similar configuration. To get it, it was necessary to increase the required indicator in similar tariffs. The innovation will save not only money, but also time that could be required to increase the disk space manually. This tariff will only apply to SSD, the maximum possible amount of disk space will be 300 GB. Stay tuned for our updates!


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▪ Discount during payment for a year!

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