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Virtual VDS Server

“Aihor Hosting” provides a VDS (virtual dedicated server) rental service. Ordering VDS from us, you get: absolute control over the server, SSD / HDD disk of your choice, dedicated IP address, 200 Mbit/s channel, VNC access to the server, the ability to install any operating system of your choice.

First of all, the VDS hosting service is suitable for users who already have their own resource with high traffic. Many people confuse the concepts of VDS hosting and VPS server-they are really very similar, both of these terms refer to virtual servers, the difference is only in the type of virtualization. VPS works at the operating system level, VDS is hardware virtualization.

Distinctive features of VDS

A dedicated VPS server (Virtual Private Server) is a server that uses virtualization at the operating system level. The client is provided with an individual software environment, the so-called User Space, but it does not have the ability to change the kernel or operating system family (for example, change Linux to Windows) and does not have access to individual network functions.

If this is still necessary, then you should choose VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server). This is a virtual server with a constant physical allocation of memory resources, disk space, and processor cores. As a rule, a virtual VDS may be required after exceeding a certain amount of traffic, when a regular server cannot withstand the load, and the use of a dedicated physical server is not economically justified (as a rule, VDS is cheaper). If you have any doubts, you can use the VDS server service with a test period.

The principle of operation of the VDS server is that a virtualization system is installed on the physical server of the data center with a powerful processor, large amounts of RAM and reliable SSD disks. In this way, the server power is distributed among several virtual machines.

Advantages of VDS

The main advantages of a virtual VDS server are as follows:

  • Fixed resource allocation at VM startup.
  • Data security.
  • Great options for choosing the server configuration when configuring (choosing the number of cores, RAM volume, SSD / HDD disk).
  • The ability to host multiple sites on your VDS.
  • Allocation of resources depending on the specific task.
  • The ability to use your own software and install different control panels.

The user who bought the VDS hosting service sees a virtual server in his console, to which he has full access rights. By hosting their sites on VDS, the client can install any software to suit their needs and requirements.

Good VDS hosting cheap from ” Aihor Hosting»

We use only modern and reliable equipment from leading manufacturers. Our company has its own data center in Russia in Moscow with a Tier III reliability level. The data center is fully optimized for providing high-quality VDS rental services.


Fast SSD drives

Our servers are equipped with the latest SSD drives, operating in a RAID 10 array, which makes the work as fast and reliable as possible.


1 virtual core=2400 MHz with full transmission of all physical CPU instructions

Channel speed

200 Mbit / s.
We don't have any restrictions.
Unlimited traffic, without the need to observe any proportions for incoming and outgoing traffic.

Quick start

Installing new Linux VMs takes 1-2 minutes! Live migration from HDD to SSD and back is available.


KVM is a hardware virtualization with a high level of performance and security.

Server Management

VNC client-integrated in the control panel. Allows you to manage the server via the local console.

DNS servers

Provided free of charge:

 Control Panel

VMmanager is a functional control panel for your virtual server from ISPsystem.

 Private network

A special segment of the internal network, with "gray" IP addresses, for the exchange of traffic between your VDS.

You can calculate the price, order and buy the service by phone, by writing to email or via VDS tariff configurator.


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▪ Discount during payment for a year!

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