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VPS server on high-speed SSD drives

Speed is one of the main advantages of VPS servers “Aihor Hosting”. Disk space is built on fast SSD drives that allow you to perform up to 40 thousand operations per second (for comparison, a regular HDD disk performs only 150 operations). You do not need to wait long for the information to be counted or recorded. All the power of the processors is now at your disposal thanks to the new fast SSD drives. Virtualization is performed on the KVM platform, with the purchase of the user receives a guaranteed amount of RAM and processor time. The heart of the server can be two modern 6-core Intel Xeon processors.

Using SSD drives on servers

Server with an “empty” SSD disk. This is an effective and efficient method, but at the moment the most expensive. The user is granted access to a server that stores all data on an SSD drive.Features:

  • Price. Currently, SSD drives are 4-6 times more expensive than HDD, respectively, and the cost of renting a VPS server will be higher. The price of an SSD is due to a significantly higher data exchange rate. And do not confuse SSDs for home use-SSD drives for data centers are much more reliable, respectively, and more expensive.
  • Reliability. SSD drives are less fault-tolerant than conventional HDDs, which means that the probability of violating the integrity of information is slightly higher. But SSD drives have different memory classes (reliability), pay attention to this.

There is also a method of using a server with SSD caching. This option involves the use of conventional HDD-drives, but the most used data is copied to SSD-drives.

What to consider when renting a virtual server VPS with SSD

  • Do you need high performance and high speed of data exchange with the server?
  • It is necessary to clearly understand what the cost of renting the VPS server itself consists of: an SSD drive or SSD caching.
  • It will also be useful to know the frequency of creating backups to eliminate the possibility of data integrity violations if the SSD disk fails.

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